All good things come to an end….

even so KPilot. After having been part of KDEPIM for years it has been moved to tags/unmaintained/4/kpilot today. For months now no real development happened, there was not even bug fixing. I guess we have to draw our conclusions from that. Jason already said he lost his interest after buying a new phone about a year ago, while I myself still do have a palm I actually don’t use it anymore. KPilot has been a fun ride for me. Adriaan de Groot once dragged me in when I requested a new feature. It where my first in KDE software development. It showed me the trickeries of syncing pim data between two devices and it got me in touch with Akonadi. I even think it was one of the first pim applications to make use of Akonadi. So this means that from KDE SC 4.4 on users won’t be able anymore to sync there palm with the PIM suite again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience for those who still did (I did see a bug report coming up every now and than). If anyone is still interested in getting it up and running again, the code can be checked out via svn co svn:// I’d like to thank Adriaan and Jason for guiding me on my first steps. For the fun time we’ve had working on KPilot or whining about the pity state of device synchronization on Linux in general (still today it seems that there’s not really a rock solid solution available). I’d also like to thank Robert and Doug for their contributions and of course the people who started KPilot in the first place like Dan Pilone and Rainhold Kainhofer. We’ll have to see what the future brings. But with all those new powerful devices, which are able to access various groupware solutions I doubt if anyone wants to really invest in a computer <-> phone/handheld solution. The curtain falls for KPilot, good bye old friend, fare well!

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  1. Joachim says:

    I think, it’s a little bit funny, as evolution (gnome) and gpilotd are doing a fine job still.

  2. sqakgg says:

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  4. Manolin says:

    Anyway, KPilot has been broken since ported to Akonadi.

  5. Kevin Kofler says:

    I think this is completely the wrong thing to do. Even if it was unmaintained, KPilot was working. It’s not a good idea to remove working code with no replacement! You leave existing KPilot users upgrading to a newer KDE out in the cold. It’s particularly sad because at the same time, KDE ships some non-working unmaintained code with perfectly-working replacements (kweather in kdetoys, replaced by the Plasma weather stuff). I think it is always a mistake to remove a working application.

  6. ecaroh says:

    Reconsider your decision.

    It is okay to stop the development of software which works with outfashioned devices. But to cite you “still today it seems that there’s not really a rock solid solution available…” i feel that there should be a commitment to let kpilot (unmaintained) in further KDE releases till that day another working solution is there. And no, as i posted in kde-pim users mailinglist, i will never give my data to Google or the web. I really hope that SyncML will be mature and Nokia N900 / Maemo has a rock solid sync solution with Kontact by the time i am forced to switch to KDE 4.x. To make that clear, I have been waiting for years to get one smartphone with a PIM suite that syncs with my beloved KDE Kontact. And as far as i know PalmOS / (K)Pilot Suite is the only solution that has a working sync! Therefore i beg you not to remove the code from KDE 4.x (5?) releases until there is a new and really stable alternative for us.

    Thanks for the work and please reconsider your decision

  7. fyvwph says:

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  8. Hey buddy! Nice blog post! =:) Yep, I’m totally with ya there. You made the right decision. I feel a little guilty in abandoning the little guy, but we must be honest with ourselves and KPilot and the old Palm OS really should be put to rest. I feel bad that we put so much time and effort into the work we did getting KPilot ported to KDE4 and all. Turns out Adriaan was right about that one after all (don’t tell him I said so). =:) Anyway, I had an awesome time working with you on KPilot and I hope you stick around in the KDE community and stay involved somewhere that scratches a new itch. See ya around. =;)

  9. yzwzpzek says:

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  10. twitter says:

    I’m sad to hear that Kpilot is going away, but it has not been working for me since Debian Sarge.

    I still use and prefer Palm devices. They are fast, battery efficient, relatively private and handy. I use a Handspring visor daily, especially it’s excellent calculator. Yes, the clumsy old thing that uses a set of AAA batteries every four months. In the past, with working sync, I extensively used journals and other calendar functions. The device kept me on time for meetings, reminded me of important days and was an excellent tool for recording research notes while I worked on my thesis. I do not trust smart phones the kinds of information I’d like to put on my device, nor have I been satisfied with response times and specific applications with newer systems, such as Open Zaurus. Network + Non Free = gross violation.

    Sadly, I lost the ability to sync with Etch. There was some kind of communications error and I did not have time to work on it or know who to ask. Really, I think this is a kernel issue not KPilot. Since retiring my last Sarge machine, the Handspring has been a stand alone device.

    Thanks for the work you put into it previously. Palm + Kontact was excellent and I miss it greatly.

  11. jpcjccgmun says:

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  12. Pedro Neves says:


    I understand your decision, but it’s sad to know about it.
    I still use my Palm device with Linux, although I’m using JPilot. It’s not the perfect solution (no way to sync with Kontact or Korganizer) but works for me.
    Still I’d love to have a working Kpilot, as I’m a KDE user and fan…

    Anyway, thanks for your work.

  13. tvmlhhfio says:

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  14. KPilot user says:

    While I respect this decision, this will be the reason why I’ll won’t upgrade to KDE 4.5. I simply rely on a working Kontact < -> Palm syncing framework.
    Thanks for the work you’ll put into this application.

  15. xgxbmfnvzql says:

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  16. Jeroen says:

    Oh, this is just great. First you DESTROY a perfectly good working application by moving it to Akonadi-crap (duplicate appointments all over the place ever since), while en-passant removing all the “legacy” (read: working) support for ICS calendars and now you run away from the broken pieces? So I can throw my perfectly working palm out of the Window? Thanks, really, thanks. (And yes, I am pissed).

  17. Wolfgang Klein says:

    I am one of those who still use a Palm device and it came as quite a surprise to me to find out that soon I won’t be able to synch my Palm with my Linux desktop any more. Although I respect your decision to spend your time elsewhere I very much hope that someone else will continue KPilot or that someone will provide some other solution. From what I heard there are a lot of Palm users still out there and for all of us the current situation means we will have to
    - buy new PDAs that can still synch with Linux/KDE, or
    - switch back to old distributions that still use KDE 3.5, or
    - switch to Gnome instead of KDE, or
    - completely ban Linux from our machines and use an OS that sill can synch with Palm-OS devices.

    Personally I really would hate to use the last solution and I think I would rather shoot myself before being forced to do so, but I also will not buy another PDA just because my Linux desktop can’t synch my dates and contacts any more. I don’t know what the situation regarding the PalmOS issue is on Gnome, but I certainly will give it a try.

  18. PalmUser says:

    We’re back off to XP then, we have multiple Treo’s and are not ready to throw them away yet. Not impressed where KDE4 is heading either and especially disappointed that no simple (for non techie users) compatability mode available.

  19. gsyfita says:

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  20. Anonymous says:

    I am also one that still uses kpilot to synchronize my Palm T|X with Kontact (with Debian Lenny). As far as I know, the only way to synchronize data from a PDA (or Smartphone) with Kontact application is to use PalmOS and Kpilot. I’ll miss it in future versions of Debian and KDE.

    However, I respect the decision, because I have no knowledge in order to maintain the package.

    Anyway, thanks for all the work you put into Kpilot.

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