Some love for KGpg

For a course I did (Information Security) we had to create our own gpg key and do some signing and encrypting, well the normal stuff you seem to do with these things. As a side note, I did already did this twice some time ago but forgot the passwords of my private keys because I never used them so now I have two dangling accounts on the pgp servers *sigh*.

However, this made me have a look at KGpg which in turn made me cry. Heh, it seems in a not too good state. Having a bit of time, and being really annoyed by issues in the key server configuration page made me start hacking on it a bit. I fixed (hopefully) all issues in there. I have done this in trunk, maybe I should also back port this to 3.5 as the issues seems to be there also.

I don’t know if there is a maintainer currently and if there is I hope I didn’t pass you by. I did a quick search on but did not find any bugs related to this. Maybe I’ll take a stab to other issues I find too if I a) really start using gpg, b) have some spare time, c) find more issues (although that won’t be a constraint I think).

And last, it is not totally clear to me if there is any relation between kgpg and kleopatra, and if so what that relation is. If some kind soul could enlighten me on this….. that would be great.

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8 Responses to Some love for KGpg

  1. Anonymous says:

    For where to find the developer(s) see . Or especially for the maintainer. ;) It is actively developed as you can see here:

  2. Bertjan says:

    Ah yes of course. Well it was late at this part of the world when I committed my fixes so my brain was running into sleep mode already. I guess Rolf Eike Beer == Maintainer (== dakon?).

  3. avofwkaiy says:

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  4. Ian Monroe says:

    KGpg does need some love. Good to see from the above comment that is being worked on; I doubt he minds your help though!

  5. tqqgsih says:

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  6. randomguy3 says:

    I believe the situation is that KGPG is an administration program – a front-end to all the features of gpg. Kleopatra is a library allowing the signing of emails (and other things?) in a straightforward way, but not only with gpg (it also does S/MIME and potentially other things through its plugin system).

  7. yzoakhm says:

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