OpenSync meeting in Berlin

This weekend I have been in Berlin at the KDAB office to meet with the OpenSync guys. I arrived Friday at around 20:00 in a really nice atmosphere. Volker and Tobias where already there as well as some OpenSync guys. Volker had enlightened the OpenSync guys about Akonadi by the time I arrived. We went for a dinner first and after that we got an introduction of OpenSync from Daniel Gollub. They are currently working on a new release so there’s a lot of API breaking going on currently. However most of the functionality seems to get in shape right now.
As a side note, breaking API seems to be part of their regular development work. I really hope that they can get to some stable API which won’t change with every release they do. This issue seems to be a bit of a pain currently.
I gave a short talk about the current status of KPilot and we looked a bit what OpenSync could mean for KPilot. It became (again) clear that KPilot has a couple of features for which OpenSync is really not designed. However the baseconduit framework I created is quite like OpenSync (at least in the functionality it has, the designs differ some). Currently I’ll not start on integration of OpenSync into KPilot because what we have now is working reasonably well. When however KitchenSync is ported to the new API and the opensync palm plugins too, then I might give it a try to delegate the actual syncing to KitchenSync/OpenSync.
Volker started working on an OpenSync Akonadi plugin. The basic code is already there but unfortunately not yet very useful due to missing/not working functionality in the OpenSync library.
Further more we got a lot of information from Michael Bell, who is working on the libsyncml library. He gave us a nice overview of the architecture and also a guide to get started. The guide contained a lot of details and pitfalls, so much that I loosed track a bit. Well I guess that’s the other side of the coin when you want to support every device out there.
All in all, it was a great atmosphere, really good coffee, a lot off cookies, a lot of hacking, a lot of strange music coming from the streets, a lot of good food and a lot of fun!

On the KPilot front: I’m currently working on a “not so nice thing to do”. Cleaning up the huge amount of krazy warnings. This is kind a dull job but it is annoying me for ages now. Currently KPilot is not the black sheep of kdepim anymore but I want to get that number as low as possible (0 preferably). I also still have some items on my to do list regarding the Akonadi code and the base framework. Hope I can get to that soon.

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7 Responses to OpenSync meeting in Berlin

  1. ben says:

    Thank you *VERY* much for this summary! I heard about the opensync meeting and was very curious, but I already knew there wouldn’t be much information about it. (maybe they should work on PR after getting a stable API :)

    Great to hear things are (slowly) advancing!

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  3. David says:

    Will it be possible to sync Kontact with a remote SyncML Server (say, a Horde Installation) via Opensync? (Kontact would have to act as a SyncML client, I guess, but I’m not an expert!)

  4. Bertjan says:

    When the Akonadi plugin for OpenSync is finished this should be possible I think. OpenSync already has a SyncML plugin. So when both sides are working syncing Akonadi (and thus Kontact, as Akonadi will be used as central data access point for Kontact) it should be possible to sync Kontact with any SyncML client.

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