Wrapping up: GSoC and Akademy are over already.

Akademy is over, GSoC is over, so finally some time to cool down =:). Well, I guess this is more a sign that real life will take over very soon again. Within a week or two the college year will kick off and whatever more. However, I really have had a great time. It was again a real pleasure to work with vanRijn on my summer of code project. Like him I also am very pleased with the results of the summer of code. As mentioned earlier there is still some polishing left to do but I think that KPilot is in a reasonable good shape right now.

I cannot do anything else than confirm all the positive feedback given on Akademy. It was the second time I attended but this year it was just awesome! So much interesting talks, great ideas and wide visions for KDE. I also really enjoyed meeting all those cool people. It was just great to discuss code, problems in the Banlieus of Paris, eating habits, funny things in spoken language and what not more. So thank you Armin, Alex, Andre, David, Kevin, Patrick, Volker, Thomas and all of you who I have spoken but who I don’t remember right now. I truly enjoyed!

Akademy has got a tail for me as I was invited to join the KDE/OpenSync meeting in Berlin next weekend. I’m really exited to see what we can get out of that. Now KPilot is getting into shape and the amount of types of devices on my desk is growing I’m really looking forward to have a desktop which is prepared to sync all me personal stuff between those gadgets and my normal pc. I have a growing conviction that a desktop should be just able to sync when I pop in one of my devices. So lets see what can be done to make this happen.

note to self: I should start reading the OpenSync and KitchenSync code.

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  1. FreeMinded says:

    Well, sounds great, that you will meet together with KDE/OpenSync People. I hope there will be someone from KitchenSync as well. I don’t quite understand why KDE is not focusing on one single sync solutions. Syncing has always be a pain on KDE and I believe that joining forces here would be very helpful. I hope there will be an update on KDEs strategy for a working (!) syncing solution.
    I’m currently thinking of contributing to a better sync experience on KDE. But not being a developer, I’m not sure how much of a help I would be.

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