Happy new year

Happy new year all. This is just a short message to wish you a new year and to apologize that I flooded planet with old posts of mine. I just changed my drupal installation into a wordpress one. Hope this make managing my blog (and the spam on it) a bit easier. Not that it matters much as I didn’t hardly write anything last year. Though it seems to have broken some stuff as well though =:(.

I did see it triggered some comments too older posts though. Some of them require some action which I’ll put on my todo list (hi Inge!). However, as you might have guessed from my blog posting activity last year, I’ve had very little time to do KDE work. Things are settling down a bit now though. I start to get used too living in Paris and try to pick up some small projects in the evenings. I’m working on something which is interesting and on which I’ll post more details soon (hopefully).


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