Akademy 2010

Time flies when you have fun… indeed it does. The conference part of Akademy is over already. Lots of cool things happened though. It started good at the Tegel airport, where I to my surprise (and their surprise as well) met my fellow kdabians Andreas Hartmetz and Patrick Spendring. Yay for not having to travel alone. This also resulted in me not spending 5 hours at Riga airport but actually visit the city. We where warmly welcomed at one of the squares by a bunch of cheering people wearing orange t-shirts….. Nice, just on time to be witness of 1 – 1 in the NL – BRA match. The second goal we saw as well while enjoying one of the local beers.

When heading back to the airport we just missed the bus. Ooh well we’re not in the middle of nowhere here, right? No kidding, but the next bus to the airport on left 20 minutes later. When it finally arrived it was full of locals. Hey, you don’t look like traveling to the airport and you neither and you and you and you. Indeed, the bus stopped at every freaking bus stop. Boarding started at 19:45, we arrive at the airport at 19:57, rushed through security and where just on time to catch the plane. That was a good shot of adrenaline! In the plain we teamed up with Jos van den Oever who had the same flight as well.

The conference itself was quite nice as well. Many very nice talks and some outstanding talks. Its really great to so see how technologies mature and evolve. Of course it is terrific to meet lots of familiar people for the first time or to see them again. It is also great to see so many new faces at Akademy. I also had some observations which I found quite fascinating:

  • Compared to a couple of years back there seems to be a relative high number of people which in one or the other way is on a professional base at Akademy.
  • It is the first Akademy I know of at which four companies in a row are telling us that they’re hiring.
  • and to add to the fact list: Aaron has an endless amount of hugs which he gives out for free if you don’t watch out….. if he had drinks hugs transform into lap dances…. It has to be said though, that he does the lap dances in a very elegant way!

Though I did not present, I did chair part of the Saturday program in room two. That was quite a fun thing to do, though I could have put my motivation device to better use I guess.

One thing left for me, the e.v. assembly. First time for me so we’ll see what it brings. After that Akademy comes to an end for me already. Tuesday I’ll be flying back to Berlin. Is there anyone by change taking the flight to Riga at 08:00 am as well? Let me know so we could share a taxi in that case.

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