Help us testing KPilot using your n810/n800/n770

Dear lazyweb (at least the KDE part of that, having an n810 Garnet VM supported device),

I just heard from Jason “vanRijn” Kaspaer that there is a VM for the n810 which makes it possible to run Palm applications on your n810. I just gave it a try and its just awesome! When you install the VM you instantly have the addressbook, calendar and todo applications available. As these are currently the only supported applications in KPilot this should be enough ;) . I tried to install, configured kpilot, pressed the hotsync button in the VM and guess what? It just seem to work. So how to turn your n810 in a PIM device which can be synced against trunk?

  1. Goto: Garnet VM and download the GVM on your n810 (mind you, you need to register).
  2. configure KPilot to look for device: net:any (kpilot -s -> General Setup -> Device -> Pilot Device
  3. Make sure you have some valid resource configured for the conduit you want to test (Note: first try to create a new resource in Akonadi and don’t use your production resources. Note 2: Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Note 3: If you use the resource bridge of Kevin Krammer you can even add it to the kde PIM like kaddressbook.)
  4. start adding some items on one or both sides
  5. Start KPilot
  6. press the hotsync button in the GVM (Note: you have to leave the specific application e.g. addressbook to see that button).

That’s it, happy syncing :)

If you have Issues please let us know and no, no screen shots today. Try out yourself! For issues please drop by in #kpilot, #kontact or #akonadi (whatever is most appropriate for the issue).

Update: Of course this works for every Nokia device that is supported by the Garnet VM. Thanks Lynoure Braakman for pointing out my narrow mindedness on this point =:).

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7 Responses to Help us testing KPilot using your n810/n800/n770

  1. Any reason why you are specifying N810 and not N8xx? That is, do you need help from N800 users too, if they have all the relevant software?

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  3. denis says:

    seems it is working fine
    kpilot 3.5.9 (am I right?) is working fine with garnet vm sync

  4. Bertjan says:

    No actually I was referring to KPilot from trunk. And that version does differ from the 3.5 series somewhat.

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