GSoC: A small side step.

One of the goals of my GSoC is to let Akonadi do the storage handling for KPilot. At least for the PIM conduits. In my previous blog I already mentioned that Akonadi entered KPilot. However yesterday and today I had to dive into the code of Akonadi itself.

Akonadi stores a revision number of for each item that is stored with it. KPilot however, does not have a notion of revisions. What it does store is the last time that the handheld was synced. So to see if a record on the pc side is changed it looks if the modification time of that record is after the last time that there occurred a sync. The dirty and quick solution (read work around) would be to store the modification time in a custom attribute of Item.

Well, Akonadi had *some* code already there for modification time but not yet on the client side and also not completely on the server side. Behold! =:) That has changed. (Thanks to a lot of patient of vkrause). Patches are send to the kde-pim list for review and will probably be committed soon. Unfortunately I did not have the time to implement more sophisticated features like: give me all items modified after <date>.

That’s all for now folks. I need to get back to KPilot hacking to keep Mr. vanRijn happy =:).

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