SoC update: Akonadi enters KPilot

According to the testcode category syncing seems to work, although I did not yet test it extensively in a real sync. The test code does a sync, but between two local databases. It might be that there are still issues when using a database on the palm. But with the absence of any reasonable good working conduit (the only one which works ™ is the keyring conduit.) I’ll leave it as it is for now. The fundamentals are in and it should not need too much polishing.

The next step is to get a conduit syncing with an Akonadi collection. I started working on replacement for the abbrowserconduit (yes horrible name, the new one is called contacts). It does not much right now but the first code is promissing. I’m already able to contact Akonadi and fetch the addressbook items from it. What I’ve seen until now from Akanodi makes me already falling in love with it. A short chat of 15 minutes with vkrause, another 30 minutes of coding and compiling and the first working code is there. I hope that within a week or two KPilot is able to sync it’s contacts with Akanodi.

Oh and my brother and father came home yesterday with Czech ambulance. I was quite relieved when my dad called to tell he was home. My brother does reasonable well luckily. I hope he became a bit wiser now (although I doubt =:).

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11 Responses to SoC update: Akonadi enters KPilot

  1. Elvis Stansvik says:

    Great work on bringing Akonadi into the game Bertjan! This is really important work. I don’t know if Akonadi is officially one of the pillars of KDE, but it should be! And here you are helping to raise it! Keep it up and good luck with finishing off your GSoC.

  2. Dom says:

    Hi Bertjan, just wanted to stop by and thank you for all your work on KPilot. It is really appreciated by all the Linux Palm users out there.

  3. fesgrm says:

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  4. Jason Lumenova says:

    Thank you so much for working on the syncing stuff in KDE4*.
    Its really the one thing holding me back from taking KDE out of a test vm.
    Akonadi looks earth shattering. I don’t understand all the code-stuff, but its goals are awesome. Best wishes on meeting the deadline!

  5. tludyhszik says:

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  6. A says:

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  8. Hello,

    this is to let you know that I am using KPilot on a DAILY basis. Please, do keep maintaining this piece of software which works to handle my cell phone’s data so well. I love this piece of software… Oh, and try to make sure that it will work in KDE4!


    Filippo Rusconi
    Happy KDE user

  9. rzzthc says:

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  10. Kirstin says:

    I wanted to let you know that I’m using KPilot nearly every day – thank you very much! Please don’t stop developping this software.


  11. jmcinogs says:

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