Time flies when you ……

have fun. Indeed it does. We’re already at the beginning of the summer of code again. Well that in itself is not a bad thing of course but the fact that I wasn’t able to do much in between this and the previous SoC is a bad thing. But besides the fact that I was not able to code much, I had quite an interesting year. I’ve had some great courses at the university and now I’m finishing an even more interesting internship. I hope to exaggerate on that a bit more soon.

However new SoC, new changes. First thing I’ll be working on is a long wanted feature in KPilot. Consistent support of category syncing. There where some conduits that did support it, I think addressbook had the best support. But every conduit did this in it’s own way. So abstracting this into the base conduit will finish the foundation for every record based conduit. You can find some more info at categorysync.txt. Comments on that are always welcome =:). I’ve also set up a project page which you can find at: SoC 2008 project page

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