Out of time, out of composite

Gah this so sucks….I really can’t find the time to do any serious coding. With vanRijn bussy coding for vmware and [ade] doing java magic this seems to mean that kpilot is bleeding to dead at this moment. Currently I’m bussy with some master courses which don’t only consume a good deal of my time but also of my energy.

However I did write some small tests for libplasma, even fixed a small bug and have another test in the running. Those are not too hard to do and even inspire some people. I hope to commit some more in the near future.

Some people seem to think that the web is lazy and that it’s time for the web to get to work. So…. let me add to the workload then. LazyWeb could you please inform me about this issue I have with the Composite extension of X? I have KDE4 compiled with Composite support but it seems that only the X instance at X :0 has composite enable. When I start a new session (let’s say at X :1) it doesn’t have dri and composite. The strange thing is that the new instance makes use of the same xorg.conf file so one should expect that it loads the same modules and stuf. I have an intel 915GM.

p.s. Aaron cheer up mate, I really appreciate all the work you do for KDE4

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8 Responses to Out of time, out of composite

  1. Anonymous says:

    just because DRI only works with the first screen, as always.

  2. Ower says:

    I have direct rendering enabled in 2 X-sessions with fglrx 8.43. when i used my old video with radeon driver dri were available only on first screen. so, i think, the problem in driver

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  5. Chani says:

    yep, the intel i810 driver can only do DRI on one screen at a time. that shouldn’t stop you from having slow non-dri composite, though…
    I checked COMPOSITE_HOWTO recently, and it’s got lots of stuff on intel now. specifically, switching drivers might help – I never even knew there was an alternative intel driver :)

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  7. ethana2 says:

    The problem, sir, is that you have a GPU and driver instead of a 128 core Asymmetric Multi-core Processing enabled PCIe 32x risc/vector co processor and soft gl implementation.

    ..but that’s probably not very helpful, particularly because I don’t think those exist yet.
    I’ll be elated when I hear they do.

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