Study, KPilot and weird selection behavior.

Time to make some noise again. My master courses are absorbing a good deal of my time at the moment. Not that this is in particular a bad case because they’re quite interesting. I’m doing a software architecting course for which we have to write an architecture document. This is quite fun to do, I really feel like an architect. Every iteration the architecture gets a more clear shape. From a vague vission in the beginning to an architecture which must be able to hold up for a year or twenty. I was quite surprised that there actually exists such architectures. The prof came up with some examples from the industry. This also made me wonder if and by whom software architecting is done in the freesoftware world. Drop me a message if you have some examples of it.

Another course I have is called advanced webtechnologies. This one is about the world behind search engines and searching in large amounts of linked documents in general. On the semantic web and on webservices. It was the first time to hear a bit about the inner parts of Google. One part of this course is to do a related project. I took this as a opportunity to take a look at QtJambi and eclipse integration. I was quite surprised by the ease of use of it. Also having the good things Java brings combined with the qualities of Qt is a very nice to have. One disadvantage is that eclipse became quite slow even on a 2.8 GHz machine with 1GB of ram.

I might not have had the time to blog in the meantime but I did see the change to work on KPilot a bit so now and then. We’re steadily working to get things done. There are quite some issues to solve yet. As a follow up of my summer of code project vanRijn and I are looking into a better way to do category syncing, which seems to be quite a complex problem. We’re also looking into a good way to detect at synctime if the previous sync failed or was done on another pc. And when I’m braindead I try to clean up the GUI code. This mostly means moving GUI code out of sourcefiles and create appropriate ui files for it. It’s quite a lot of work to do this, which I didn’t expect on first hand. Currently I have an issue with the {Q|K}ListWidget. I’ve set it’s viewMode to IconMode but it has some problems with selection behaviour. It doesn’t always unselect the selected icons. Maybe I do something wrong but it feels like a bug to me. To conclude this blog I’ll show you a pretty picture of this amazing selectionbehavior =:).

Oh as a sidenote, it’s extremely cool to read that the next Akademy will be in Belgium. This raises the change significantly that I’ll be able to attend.

Selection error in QListWidget

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  1. Sebastian says:

    I noticed the icons in the vertical bar to the left have much more in common than they differ. For the user that makes it unnecessarily hard to find the right icon. Why don’t you just remove the device in the icon’s background? That would make well-distinguishable icons.

    Please pass this note on to the people responsible for the KPilot icons, this really is a bad usability bug. Thank you!


  2. yiidrfxo says:

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